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Bydex Plus Solution
1 Indications Multiple Disinfectant
1 Storage Airtight Container. Keep at 1~25 ℃

Drug Characteristics

  • Dosage
    • 1. Wash the medical appliances or equipment using a detergent and rinse well.
      2. Soak the medical appliances or equipment in the undiluted solution at 35℃ for 7 hours and 40 minutes for disinfection and 35℃ for 5 minutes or 25℃ for 20 minutes for strong disinfection.
      (Wash the syringes or needles well before soaking in the solution.)
      3. Rinse the medical appliances or equipment by soaking them in water that is 5 times as great as their weight (to prevent patients exposure to any remaining glutaraldehyde.)
      - Use sterilized water for sterilized appliances.

  • Active Ingredients
    • Per 100mL

  • Indications and Uses
    • Disinfection of medical appliances including appliances with lenses, endoscopes, anesthesia equipment, respirators, surgical operation tools such as scalpels or catheters, tools used in obstetrics/gynecology and urology, dental instruments/accessories, syringes or thermometers.

  • Packaging Units
    • 4 Liters