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Non-Medicinal Products

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Non-medicinal Products

Daily Doctor Hand Care (Unscented, fruits floral, lemon grass)

Product classification
Non-medicine product
Use period
Storage method
1. Avoid fire and store it in shade. 2. Keep it out of reach of children and go to the hospital immediately if the child swallows it. 3. Close the product completely with a lid to prevent it from drying or foreign substance contamination. 4. To prevent misuse and to preserve quality, do not store in containers other than the original.

Product Characteristics
1. Moisturize and sterilize at the same time! Hand cream type, ethanol-free Hand Sanitizer
2. Disinfection power 99.9%
3. Hyaluronic acid and jojoba seed oil for moisturizing
4. 3 scents: Unscented, fruits floral, lemon grass
Usage · Dosage
Spray an appropriate amount on your hands or rub it well to dry.
Ingredients · Content
Effective ingredient: Benzalconium chloride......0.066g (0.066w/w% as benzalconium chloride)
.Additive (preservative): Phenoxy ethanol......0.3g
Efficacy · Effects

1. Do not use on the following areas:

Around the eyes and ears, in the mouth, wide range of body parts and damaged skin (may cause irritation)

2. If the following symptoms occur, immediately stop using it and consult a doctor or pharmacist.

  1) In case of hypersensitivity symptoms such as rash, erythema, itching, edema, etc.

  2) In case of skin irritation symptoms

3. Other precautions for use

  1) Use it for external areas only (Do not swallow it).

  2) Be careful not to get it into your eyes, and if it does, wash it well with clean water and consult a doctor or pharmacist.

  3) Do not use it for long-term or extensively on mucous membranes, cut wounds, and areas of inflammation (may cause myasthenia through full-body absorption).

  4) If used repeatedly in the same area, care must be taken as the skin may become rough due to degreasing, etc.

  5) Do not use it on sealed bandages, cast bandages, packs, etc. because it may cause irritation symptoms. 

  6) Do not use this medicine for anus or vaginal steaming as it may cause irritation or chemical burns.

  7) Do not use soap or anionic detergents (only for benzalconium chloride content products).

  8) Do not use it for any other purpose than intended.