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General Medicine

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General Medicine

Duo Care Liquid

Product classification
General medicine
Classification by efficacy
Skin softener
Use period
36 months
Storage method
Shade sealed container, store at 1~25℃
Usage · Dosage
1. Apply to the affected area once a day.
2. Soak the area in warm water and dry it completely. Remove hard skin by gently rubbing the surface of warts, corns or calluses with a pomegranate or nail trim.
3. Using the provided application tool, carefully apply a few drops of this medicine to the affected area, and dry it before applying the next drop. Use the application tool only to apply to the affected area.
4. Wart on the soles of your feet should be covered with bandage. Let it stand for 24 hours. Remove the bandage first and repeat the procedure every day.
Ingredients · Content
Lactic acid 16.7g, salicylic acid 16.7g per 100g
Efficacy · Effects
Warts, corns, calluses
Efficacy · Effects

1. Do not use this medicine on body if you have a following condition:

  1) Face, overlapped skin area, anus/reproductive organ, around eyes, mucous membrane

  2) Diabetics or patients with peripheral blood circulation problems

  3) Dots, moles, hairy warts or other skin lesions

  4) Children under 2 years of age

  5) A person with a history of hypersensitivity to the ingredients of the medicine

2. The following person should consult a doctor, dentist, or pharmacist before use.

  1) Pregnant women or women who are likely to be pregnant

  2) Lactation that requires regular treatment of large areas of the skin

3. Stop using this medicine immediately in the following cases. Consult with your doctor, dentist, or pharmacist. Bring this attached document to the consultation, if possible.

  1) This medicine can cause irritation to certain patients, and can rarely cause temporary blemishes on the skin.

  2) Minor and temporary irritation may be expected, but treatment should be postponed or discontinued if there is more serious or persistent pain and irritation.

4. Other precautions when using this medicine

  1) Use it far from the eye and mucous membrane.

  2) To avoid irritation of the surrounding normal skin, apply carefully only to warts, corns, and calluses.

  3) Be careful not to inhale the fume.

  4) Resistant lesions can take up to 12 weeks to disappear.

  5) Excessive use of this medicine can irritate the skin. In this case, the medicine should be used in a smaller amount or less frequently.

  6) In case of accidental consumption, stomach wash should be performed immediately with 2-5% aqueous sodium bicarbonate solution. The balance of body fluids and electrolytes should be monitored and appropriate measures taken. Symptoms include headaches, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea and poor breathing.

5. Storage precautions

  1) Keep it out of reach of children.

  2) To prevent misuse and to preserve quality, do not store in containers other than the original.

  3) Keep it away from fire. The medicine is extremely flammable.

  4) Avoid leakage.

  5) Close the lid tightly after use for storage.